Infinite Learners 

Policies and Procedures


Discipline Policy

At Infinite Learners Inc., the term “discipline” is used as a means to help children gain an understanding of self-regulation, problem-solving skills, and control. We encourage all students to use positive interactions with their peers and teachers within our classroom, at all times. Our discipline policy facilitates a positive approach when dealing with each unique conflict situation. 


According to Section 3 (1) (2) of the childcare licensing regulation:


The staff of Infinite Creations will use disciplinary action within reason. At no time will a staff member:


1. Inflict or cause to be inflicted any form of physical punishment, verbal or physical degradation or emotional deprivation,


2. Deny or threaten to deny any basic necessity, or


3. Use or permit the use of any form of physical restraint, confinement or isolation,


4. Embarrass or humiliate a child.


In the event that a child becomes aggressive, the staff of Infinite Learners will remove that child from the situation to ensure that no other child is in danger. 


It is our goal to use any altercation, or conflict situation, as a learning experience. In any such situation, we promote actions such as: talking about feelings, discussing emotions, finding appropriate words to use, using those key words and evaluating choices, as a means to learning about, and solving issues within the classroom.  Each circumstance is different but will be dealt with using sensitivity, care and fairness. If at any time, a child becomes upset, they will be comforted and re- directed as needed. 


Our staff at Infinite Learners, will do the best they can to prevent conflict problems by having the children follow simple rules, provide consistency regarding the rules, highlight appropriate behaviour using words/gestures, model proper behaviour, and monitor the classroom very carefully at all times with proper supervision.


Off-Site Activity Policy

Infinite Learners values what the outdoors has to offer for the children in our program. Throughout our sessions, the children may be taken off premises by walking to the field and park on Varsity Estates Rd and Varsity Estates Rise. These activities will be supervised carefully by the head teacher and any staff members as needed for childcare licensing ratios. If an offsite activity is planned, you will be notified as soon as possible in one or more of the following ways:

  • Email

  • Bulletin Board/White Board Posting 

  • Verbal Reminder


Please note: children who do not have consent, will not be able to participate in any offsite activities. If you have any questions, please contact our staff. 

* IMPORTANT: The following form is only for the specified area, off-site activities, and does not include field trips. Those types of excursions require additional paperwork that will be handed out as needed. 


In the event that your child is taken on this type of an off-site activity, the supervising teachers will be required to complete the following procedures:


  • Leave a list of children who are in attendance for the off-site activity, and the names of the supervising teachers, on the door of the classroom

  • Leave a contact number of at least one of the supervising staff while they are out

  • One staff member must have a cellular phone on hand (the same one from the number posted on the door) for emergency purposes ONLY.

  • Provide and leave a detailed explanation of where the off-site activity is, time of departure and estimated time of return

  • Take the portable record forms with them

  • Take a portable first aid kit

  • Inform the acting director of all offsite activities, prior to their commencement


Accident and Illness Policy 

As stated in Schedule 5, Section 6 of the Child Care Licensing Regulation, parents will be notified immediately following an accident or serious illness involving their child. It is our policy that the child will also receive appropriate medical attention as necessary to the situation. 


In the event that your child becomes ill, or is involved in a serious accident (as listed in the Government of Alberta Incident Report) while attending our program, parents will be notified immediately via phone. Our staff will use the phone numbers that you, the parent, provide on your registration forms. If both parents/guardians are unable to be contacted, our staff will contact your emergency contacts that have been written in your child’s records. 


If your child requires medical attention as a result of the accident or serious illness, our staff will ensure that your child receives the care that they require immediately following the incident. 


If such a situation should arise, these are the steps that our staff will take:


1. The child will be comforted and assessed by the staff who are supervising the child

2. First aid will be administered if necessary

3. If the child needs emergency care at a hospital, an ambulance will be called immediately. The director, owner or head of staff will accompany the child to the hospital (if the parent is not present). They will stay with the child until the parent/guardian arrives at the location, which their child is taken to. Parents will be notified of this location via phone call. 

4. Parents and/or Emergency contacts will be called. Any arrangements that have been made will be discussed with the parent/guardian at that time. 

5. Both the director and owner will be notified

6. Our staff will fill out an incident report form and personally file it with the Licensing Division of the Government of Alberta. We will keep track of all records as a way of identifying areas for improvement, as well as issues and trends. 


Incident Reporting

Infinite Learners is proud to uphold an exemplary standard of safety and care for your children; however, we are aware that incidents may happen. Our program is committed to ensure that we keep track of all incidents in the following ways:


1. If a serious illness or accident were to occur, our staff is trained to call our designated Child Care Licensing Office, immediately via telephone, and fill out a Government of Alberta Incident report form under the direction of the acting director. This form will be completed and submitted to the licensing office within two days of the incident.  We will provide all of the necessary documentation and assistance required in the investigation following the incident. 

2. Internal incident report forms are to be filled out by the staff, so that we may analyze the incident and identify/resolve any problems that need to be remedied.

3. Any illness that is reported will be filled out in the Alberta Health Services Child Care Facility Illness Incident Log Sheet and any remedy required by AHS will be done in a time sensitive manner.

4. At the end of each licensing term, the acting director of Infinite Learners Preschool Program will fill out a Government of Alberta Incident Reporting Annual Summary and Analysis Report form to be submitted to the licensing officer and Regional Child Care Office (CFSA). This will provide a track record and summary of any serious incident or illness so that we may be able to identify any trends or issues, if any. 


According to the Child Care Licensing Regulations, as set out by the Government of Alberta in Schedule 5, Section 7 (1) (2), the term “Incident” is defined by a serious illness of, or injury to a child that occurs while they are attending our program. It also includes any other incident that occurs while the child is attending our program that may seriously affect the health or safety of any child. The term “incident” may include but is not limited to the following:


  • Emergency evacuation

  • Unexpected program closure

  • Intruder on the program premises

  • Illness or injury to a child that requires the program to request emergency health care and/or requires the child to remain in the hospital overnight

  • An error in the administration of medication by a program staff or volunteer resulting in the child becoming seriously injured or ill and requiring first aid

  • The death of a child

  • An unexpected absence of a child from the program (example- lost child)

  • A child removed from the facility/program by a non-custodial parent or guardian

  • An allegation of physical, sexual, emotional abuse and/or neglect of a child by a program staff member of volunteer 

  • The commission of a child of an offense under an Act of Canada or Alberta

  • A child left on the premises outside of the programs operating hours



Potential Health Risk Policy

We ask that you please refrain from bringing your child to class within 24 hours of the following signs or symptoms of illness (adapted from the Child Care Licensing Regulation):


  • Vomiting, fever, diarrhea, or a new or unexplained rash or cough

  • Requiring greater care and attention than can be provided without compromising the care of the other children in the program

  • Having or displaying any other illness or symptom that may pose a health risk to the staff or other children such as

    • Conjunctivitis

    • Skin discolouration

    • Difficulty swallowing

    • Consistent complains of undiagnosed pain

    • Known or suspected communicable disease (please see communicable disease policy) 

    • Green or discoloured discharge from the nose

    • Evidence of infection

    • Rapid or difficulty with breathing

    • Lethargy and abnormal tiredness and/or weakness

    • Excessive coughing and sneezing


If your child is required to be on antibiotics, we request that you keep them home until it has been 24 hours since the first dose was administered and the child is no longer exhibiting signs/symptoms of their diagnosed illness. 


Each of our staff members is trained in the prevention, early detection and management of illness and communicable diseases. They are aware of when a child should be excluded from the program and are trained how handle such circumstances. We ask that you respect their professional opinion in such circumstances.


If a child begins to demonstrate physical symptoms of being ill, they will be taken aside by a staff member and their temperature will be taken. Such symptoms may include, but are not limited to: a verbalization of feeling sick, extreme lethargy, abnormal body movements (such as hunching over, or clutching a body part such as the stomach), discolouration of discharge from the eyes, nose or mouth, vomiting or diarrhea.


If children fall ill while in the care of our program, our staff will fill out the Alberta Health Services Child Care Facility Illness Incident Log Sheet and our internal illness record (providing information such as the staff member who identified the child as being ill, time the parent was initially contacted, name of the staff member who contacted the parent, time the child was removed from the program and when the child returned to the program) so that we can ensure the health and safety of not only your child, but those who are around them as well. 


If at any time, a staff member knows or has a reason to believe that a child is exhibiting signs or symptoms or illness, they are required to contact the parent/guardian and arrange for their immediateremoval from the facility. 


We ask that if you are contacted to pick up your child, that you please do so within one hour, or less, of our call. We will be able to provide them with temporary care under the supervision of a staff member, but are unable to do so for a prolonged period of time. Please know that if we are unable to contact you after several attempts, we will contact the emergency contacts that have been provided to us in your child’s enrolment documents. 


A child will be permitted to return to our program if the child’s parent provides a written notice from a physician indicating that the child does not pose a health risk or if the license holder/provider is satisfied that a child no longer poses a health risk to other children, caregivers or staff. 

Supervision of Sick Children Policy

If your child becomes ill, or is deemed ill by a primary staff worker, they will be separated from the classroom and taken to the office, or another room within the facility, deemed appropriate by the supervising staff member. Here, your child will be cared for with comfort by a primary staff member while they await the arrival of their parent/guardian. This policy is in place to protect the health and safety of the other children and staff in our facility and to provide your child with individualized care while they are sick. 


Administration of Medication

The staff at Infinite Learners, abides by the following rules and requirements for the administration of any medication or herbal remedy:


  • The medication has been given to the child by a physician

  • The prescription drug is in its original pharmacy container with the matching pharmacy label

  • The prescription comes with a labelled document, signed by the parent, labelled with the child’s name, dose, date, time and storing instructions

  • The First Dose has been given at home

  • The parent has completely filled out the medication form provided for them at Infinite Learners Preschool that asks for these details:

    • The child’s name, date, length of time the child has been on the medication, how long the child will remain on the medication and full name of the medication

    • Reactions or any side effects the child may have

    • Time Medication is to be given

    • Signature of the parent allowing the staff to administer medication

    • Signature of the parent when the medication is given back each day

Our staff will not administer any medication if the proper paperwork has not been filled out and each prescription medication must have its own separate form completed before being administered. This policy is in place, to ensure that our staff is aware of what medications need to be given to which child, and the date and time it needs to be administered.


After a child has been given their medication, the attending staff member will ensure no unexpected reactions occur by monitoring them closely for a short period of time. Parents will be notified of when medication has been administered (as per their instructions) and the prescription drug will be returned either at the end of the day and/or when the authorization period has ended. 


When possible, we ask that families arrange for the timing of medication administration to be when their children are not present at our facility, and under our care. We are aware that sometimes this is not possible, and in that case, we ask that the first dose be given at home so that we can be sure the child does not have any unexpected reactions. 


If our faculty must administer medication to your child, a form will be filled out and filed. Details such as the name of the medication, time of administration, amount given, and the initials of the person who administered the medication will be recorded, and kept in your child’s file. 


All non-emergency medication will be stored in a locked container, in the classroom or fridge (whichever is necessary) and will be inaccessible to the children.


Emergency Medication Policy

If your child requires the use of an emergency medication such as an EPI Pen or an inhaler, parents MUST fill out and sign a detailed medication form, and provide full instructions of how to administer the medication. While these medications cannot be stored in a locked container, they will be kept away from any child’s reach, in a properly labeled area for easy access by staff. 


In order to assure that our staff are aware of whom emergency medications belong to, we ask that submit a recent photo of your child, to be placed with the appropriate paperwork for the medication. 


We recommend that each child who requires emergency medication, have a separate dose to be kept at school; however, if this is not possible, the medication will be returned at the end of each day/class. The parent will be required to sign a document for the return of the medication each day, once a staff member has released it. 


If the emergency medication has to be administered, the staff will follow the guidelines written out by the parent, and will follow standard first aid policy. The attending staff will be required to fill out the appropriate paperwork and discuss it with the parent and/or medical staff as necessary. 


Please Note: Tylenol and Advil are not considered emergency medications, and will not be administered by the staff at Infinite Learners.


Health Care and First Aid Policy

The staff at Infinite Learners will do everything necessary to ensure the health and safety of your child while they are enrolled within our program. 


All employees working with the children are required to have first aid training for children. It is expected, that if required, a staff member will be able to perform first aid on any child whom requires it. The trained employees are responsible for making the decision whether further action (such as calling an ambulance) should be made. 


To comply with Child Care Licensing Regulations, Schedule 5, Section 11, Parents must comply with written consent that their child is able to receive the provision of health care and that the health care provided is in the nature of first aid only. This written consent has been provided in your enrolment package.  


Smoking Policy

Smoking is strictly prohibited at Infinite Learners will not be tolerated on the program premises. Staff members are, by licensing regulation, not to smoke at any time or place where childcare is being provided; such actions will result in immediate dismissal. We also ask that all volunteers refrain from smoking on our premises, or while they are with us during class excursions (offsite activities, field trips, etc.). 


Nutrition Policy

As required by licensing, snack time is offered in our daily schedule. Parents are required to supply a snack for their child each day, in a properly labelled snack pack/lunch box. Due to severe allergies, we ask that you help us remain a nut free facility. We ask that parents refrain from packing any products with nuts for their child. If a child has a snack that has nuts, their snack will be removed from the classroom to ensure the safety of all the children, adults and staff who are with us. An alternate and individual snack will be provided for that child. Parents are also asked to bring a water bottle for their child each day. Snacks time is approximately at 10:00am every morning class and 1:15pm every afternoon class. 


Records Policies

Infinite Learners Inc. follows the required Alberta Child Care Licensing Regulations Standards. These standards request that the following records are kept in place: 


Children’s Records

At the time of registration, parents will be required to fill out several forms that will be filed in our records, and will be kept on premises at all times. It is also important that these forms are kept up to date. These forms will require the following information:


  • Childs Name, date of birth, and home address

  • Parent’s name, home address, and telephone number

  • The name, address, and telephone number of a person who can be contacted in an emergency when the parent is unable to be reached

  • Written consent of a parent for medication administration

  • Written record of medication information (Schedule 5, Section 10 (2)). 

  • Written consent of first aid and other relevant particulars for health care

  • Any other medical information as needed by the facility such as immunizations and allergies, if any. 

  • A list of individuals who have consent to pick up a child from our program


Administrative Records

The staff and acting director at Infinite Learners Inc., are required to ensure the following Administrative Records are kept up to date, and on premises at all times:


  • Daily Attendance in the form of Sign In/Out Sheets and the particulars of the daily attendance including arrival and departure times. Parents are to sign their children in/out each day. 

  • Evidence of the certification of each staff member

  • Staff First Aid Certificates

  • Criminal record checks for each staff member and volunteer


Portable Records

These records are mandatory for our staff to have when taking the children off premises for excursions, or emergency evacuations/procedures. This is a separate form for parents to fill out for their child and includes the following information:


  • Childs Name, date of birth, and home address

  • Parent’s name, home address, and telephone number

  • The name, address, and telephone number of a person who can be contacted in an emergency when the parent is unable to be reached

  • Written consent of a parent for medication administration

  • Written record of medication information (Schedule 5, Section 10 (2)). 

  • Written consent of first aid and other relevant particulars for health care

  • Any other medical information as needed by the facility such as immunizations and allergies, if any. 

  • Phone numbers of local emergency response services and poison control


Emergency Evacuation Policy

Staff members and Children will participate in monthly emergency evacuation drills to ensure all proper steps are practiced and familiar. Evacuation drills are indicated by the shut off of lights or a bell ringing. In the event of an Emergency Evacuation, the children will be taken to: Bow Valley Christian Church.


If our facility must be evacuated, the staff will follow this emergency protocol:


1. Children are calmly informed of the necessary evacuation. They will be asked to stop all activity, and line up at our classroom door so that we may exit our facility and leave the building. 

2. All children are to be counted by the designated teachers 

3. Staff members are to be accounted for by the director

4. Staff and children will proceed to the Emergency Evacuation Site. 

5. No one is able to re-enter the building, for any reason, unless instructed to do so by the program director or Fire Chief. 


In an emergency evacuation situation, staff members are required to bring the portable records and will notify the parents via phone about the evacuation once everyone has been confirmed safe and accounted for. At that time, we ask that the parents promptly arrive to our evacuation site to accompany their children. 


Supervision Policy

Our room is set up so that each classroom attendant is able to see all aspects of the room in one glance. Our staff is required to take continuous head counts of all of the children within the room and are encouraged to communicate with one another about all necessary classroom situations. Regular safety checks are routinely completed and children are never left unattended. Our educators are also in charge of observing the children continuously throughout their class time and ensuring that any safety situations are preventatively and proactively handled. All staff members are prohibited to do actions that deter their attention away from the children. All of these restrictions apply both indoors and outdoors (if necessary).


At the time hiring, all of our staff is required to take a tour of our facility so that they are aware of our physical environment in which they will be working. This will help them to be sure that they can effectively handle classroom management responsibilities.  


At the time of pick-ups and drop offs, parents are required to sign their children in and out of our facility. Using the attendance numbers, our educators are entrusted to complete head counts to ensure that all children are continually accounted for. Children are also required to leave the facility with a properly identified adult at all times. Our staff will not release a child until an adult has arrived to accompany them, and it must be an adult who has the parents’ consent to pick the child up. If needed, some adults may be required to show photo ID to verify who they are. 


Infinite Learners Preschool supervision practices strive to meet the developmental needs of each child. At all times, staff members are to observe the children whether it is through record observations or playing with them. This way, staff may become engaged with the children (but never having their back turned to any portion of the classroom) and play with them, or may be taking notes for interests/needs/abilities of each child, finding themes of emergent curriculum based on the play with children, or completing records for children (anecdotal records etc.). In doing so, our staff can ensure that we are providing the children with what each of their unique requirements are within the classroom setting. 

Washroom Supervision 

To ensure proper supervision on children in the washroom, a Preschool staff member will accompany the children from the classroom to the washroom and back to class. The preschool staff member will stand right by the stall or doorway of the student to supervise if they need any assistance. When children are washing their hands staff members stand by the sinks to ensure safety on the step stools and getting paper towel. Staff members are to maintain proper ratio’s as listed in the Alberta Child Care Licensing Act. 


Withdrawal Policy

In the event that you must withdraw your child from Infinite Learners Inc., we require you to do the following:

  1. Provide us with written notice of the withdrawal. This may be done by letter, or email and can be submitted to a staff member, sent by mail, or sent by email to

  2. All withdrawal notices bust be given no later than the 15th of the month. Due to processing time, any withdrawals given past the 15th will forfeit your next month’s payment. 

  3. Depending on your method of payment for tuition, you will either receive a refund e-transfer  for the remaining balance of your tuition (if you paid full year, up front) or, we will terminate the remainder your payments from your sign up method. 

Please Note: If you withdraw after the 15th of the month, you forfeit your next month’s payment. Your payment for the next month will be processed, and then the remainder of what is left after that month, will be returned to you, or we will terminate the EFT payment from your VOID cheque from there on in. 

  1. Partial tuition and/or missed classes will not be refunded.

  2. Registration fee and Material Fee will is not refundable

  3. Deposit will be refunded if notice is given before February 28th 2021


Permission to Pick Up Policy

The staff at Infinite Learners Inc. take your child’s safety very seriously. To ensure we are providing the highest standard of care and safety practices, we require parents to fill out the names of all persons who are permitted to pick up their child. If at any time, someone will be picking up your child who is not previously stated will require written authorization from the parent. The information can be sent through email to In rare emergency situations arrangements may be made verbally accepted and this is up to the discretion of the acting director. If at any time the person picking up a child from our program is unknown to the staff of Infinite Learners Inc., they will be required to show picture government issued I.D or two non-pictured government I.D to insure their name and information matches. If at any time this information is not given or shown to the staff at Infinite Learners Inc. your child will not be released to that adult and parents / guardians will be contacted. In rare or difficult circumstances up to the discretion of the Infinite Learners Inc. staff police may be called to ensure the child’s safety.  

Please note we cannot withhold a child from any parent / guardian without a court order document. 


Program and Tuition Policy

Registration Fee $60

Material Fee $100

Preschool Program

3 years old by December 31st, 2020


AM 8:45am – 11:15am

PM 11:45pm – 2:15pm

$190 / Month

Jr Kindergarten

4 years old by December 31st, 2020

Monday / Wednesday / Friday

AM 8:45am – 11:45am

PM 12:15pm – 3:15pm

$260 / Month


Program and Tuition 

Following do not change or effect Infinite Learners Tuition and are not subject to refund.

  1. Infinite Learners has the right to cancel classes as necessary

  2. Infinite Learners is closed on all Statutory Holidays

  3. Infinite Learners has the right to suspend or refuse service to anyone that does not follow the policies listed in the parent handbook.

  4. Infinite Learners is not responsible or liable for any items lost or stolen.

  5. Missed classes are non – refundable.

  6. Registration, material, and deposit fees must be received to hold child’s spot in class.

  7. All returned cheques are subject to a $25.00 service charge. Any late payments are subject to a $20.00 late fee after 30 days of their due date.

  8. Late pick-ups from class will be charged a $1.00 a minute starting 5 minutes after the end of class. 

Weather Conditions and Closures

Infinite Learners will cancel classes due to weather conditions if the following occur

  1. Windchill conditions according to environment Canada reach -38 or lower

  2. Reports that roads are impassable, due to blowing snow, blizzard, or heavy snow fall conditions. 

There are no refunds for these days due to conditions out of the control of Infinite Learners and an email to notify parents will be sent by 7:00am of that day. Parents are required to check their emails and watch weather forecasts that may result in school closures. 


Registration Process Information

1. Fill out and submit registration forms and policy consents

 2. Pay by Credit Card, Debit, E-transfer, Cheque, or Cash 

·              Preschool Registration Fee ($60)       

·              Material Fee for the year ($100) 

·              Deposit that will go towards June Tuition (one month’s tuition 4yr/$260, 3yr/$190) 

 3. Payment Details  

·              Pay Full Year tuition (Cash, Credit, Debit, Cheque) 

·              Set up a Pre-Authorized Payments

·              3 Post Dated Cheques for September 1st 2020 (4yr/$1040, 3yr/$760), January 2nd 2021 (4yr/$780, 3yr/$570), and April 1st 2021 (4yr/$520, 3yr/$380).  


* Registration is ongoing throughout the year as space is available.  




Thank you for taking the time to read the Infinite Learners Inc. Program Policies! We thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation regarding all of our policies and procedures.

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